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26 Feb 2008

Health: Psych Drug Shocker: Antidepressant Drugs Work No Better than Placebo; Big Pharma Hoax Finally Exposed

A groundbreaking new study reveals that SSRI drugs are a massive scam that in clinical trials actually worked no better than placebo! In other words, all those people buying antidepressant drugs could have achieved the same results by popping sugar pills! The whole industry was a fraud! Read the feature story below for the study details.

25 Feb 2008

Gagged for denouncing Ritalin

THE judge who accused doctors of creating a generation of Ritalin kids who become criminals has been gagged in an extraordinary move by the state's Judicial Commission.

An ADHD support group which supports the use of drugs like Ritalin complained to the commission that Judge Paul Conlon had got it wrong, /The Daily Telegraph/ has learned.

Judge Conlon criticised the over-diagnosis of ADHD, the over-use of medication and its effect on children.


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