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The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

By the Citizens Commission on Human Rights RRP $25.00

Nobody should take a psychiatrist’s drugs without first watching this highly professional DVD – this is the impression given by watching its torrent of information. It has to be seen to be believed. The number of psychiatrists and drug reps speaking out about the appallingly unethical practices being used to make money through invented mental illnesses – and harming people in the process – is simply extraordinary.

Making a Killing is sophisticated and superbly produced. The messages given by the professional people interviewed are mind-blowing – they include psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, former drug company sales reps, lawyers who have fought drug cases and others.

A mere sample of the startling messages in the DVD is revealing enough.

In 1967 drug companies hatched a plan to develop a range of psychiatric drugs to control every aspect of human behaviour by year 2000. As a result, 100 million people worldwide are now on them and $330 billion annually is being raked in by their sales.

But at a huge human price. Every month, 3,000 people are killed by the drugs’ side effects, including suicide, and vast numbers more are made seriously ill.

So aggressive have the vested interests been in expanding sales, that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses contains enough fabricated diseases to label anyone walking the Earth as mentally ill. As one doctor says, “It is disease mongering to sell more drugs.” Such ‘illnesses’ include eating disorder of infancy; impulse control disorder; phase of life problem; seasonal dysfunction disorder; sexual aversion disorder; occupational problem; adjustment disorder; social anxiety disorder (shyness).

The release of a new drug onto the market is often based on flawed and rigged trials that run for only a few months, yet many such drugs will be taken for a lifetime. Approval by the US FDA is commonly granted by a panel composed largely of psychiatrists chosen by the drug’s manufacturer and with financial ties to that company.

We repeat, this is a gripping and mind-blowing DVD that should be a warning to all. It is hard to interrupt it once you begin watching it.


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